The DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible: Round 2 Winners Announced!

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We are back with another results announcement of the DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible and HackerNoon! For those who are reading about the DevOps Writing Contest for the first time - HackerNoon and Aptible bring you an exciting opportunity to showcase your DevOps expertise and win $$$. You can win from $3000 every month!

Need ideas to write? You can write anything related to DevOps. We are interested in reading about the challenges in implementing the DevOps infrastructure and how you deal with them. Click on this template for more details.

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Aptible’s hosting platform automates the work of provisioning, managing, and scaling infrastructure so developers can focus on what actually matters: their product. Get started for free with Aptible.

The DevOps Writing Contest: Round 2 Finalists

For selecting the nominations, we picked all the stories with the #devopstag on HackerNoon, published in September. Then, we chose the top stories weighing in the following factors:

  1. Number of hours read
  2. The number of people reached
  3. The originality of the content
  4. Relevance to the topics shared by the sponsor. See the contest’s writing prompt here.

Here’s the top 10 finalists of the Round 2:

The DevOps Writing Contest by Aptible: Round 2 Winners!

Finally, to choose the winners, our editors voted for their favorite stories. Here’s the list of the stories editors chose to win:

In the first place, we have

article preview

Building a CI/CD Pipeline with AWS, K8S, Docker, Ansible, Git, Github, Apache Maven, and Jenkins | HackerNoon

Explore a step-by-step tutorial on building a modern CI/CD pipeline with AWS, K8S, Docker, Ansible, Apache Maven, Git, Github, and Jenkins by Zufar Sunagatov.

CI/CD is a technique for delivering apps to customers, achieved by adding automation to different stages of app development. I believe that grasping CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) can empower developers to gain a better understanding of how backend project artifacts exist beyond the boundaries of the project repository. This comprehension can also create a fundamental shift in a developer's perspective. Instead of merely viewing their work as lines of code, they can start to embrace the broader context of their project as a valuable product.

Congratulations,@zufarexplained! You have won $1,500.

The second position is won by:

article preview

DataOps: the Future of Data Engineering | HackerNoon

Explore the evolution of DataOps in data engineering, its parallels with DevOps, challenges it addresses, and best practices. Transformative future of DataOps.

The concept of DataOps didn't emerge in isolation. It was born out of a confluence of needs. With businesses increasingly relying on data-driven insights and with data sources becoming more varied and voluminous, traditional data management practices began to show their limitations. Speed, scalability, and collaboration became paramount. DataOps, as an approach, traces its roots back to these industry demands and the successful paradigms established by DevOps. Over time, as the industry started recognizing the gaps between data teams (from engineers to scientists to analysts) and the operational challenges they faced, DataOps began to solidify as a distinct discipline in data management.

Well deserved, @chingiz! You have won $1,000.

In the third place, we have:

article preview

How to Turn A DevOps Pipeline Into a DevSecOps Pipeline: A Shift Left Concept Overview | HackerNoon

Shift Left Concept is a hot topic today. I discuss the main stages of the DevSecOps pipeline, automated security checks in software development, and free tools.

Not so long ago, information security specialists conducted tests after completing the development process. This approach is inefficient - if errors are discovered during security testing, the entire development cycle has to be restarted. This is time-consuming and expensive.

Yay,@goal23! You have won 500$!

Congratulations to all the winners of the DevOps Writing Contest. We will contact y’all via email to share the next steps. Visit to learn more about running and upcoming contests.

The HackerNoon writing contests primarily aim to celebrate quality content and recruit educational stories for our community. We congratulate all the finalists. However, the Editorial team can ban a writer and/or disqualify a story if we find any misconduct like plagiarism, copyright infringement, or disinformation.

The DevOps Writing Contest is sponsored by Aptible. Aptible’s hosting platform automates the work of provisioning, managing, and scaling infrastructure, so developers can focus on what actually matters: their product. Get started for free with Aptible.

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