77% Of Hiring Managers Say Job Hopping Is A Red Flag

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It’s estimated that millennials average two years and nine months in a role and Gen Xers average five years and two months.

Additional data has identified that when it comes to Gen Z, 33% spend two years or less at a job.

And when you realize that 72% of new starters have experienced “Shift Shock” (the feeling of starting a new job and instantly regretting it) it’s easy to see why 80% of workers believe it is acceptable to leave a job within a year if it’s not working out.

While the vast majority of hiring managers have accepted that jobs for life are a thing of the past, job hopping every couple of years is still frowned upon, with 77% of hiring managers stipulating that short tenures on a resume is top concern.

So, how can you ensure your resume reflects this and not a litany of positions in your work experience section?

Replacing staff is a headache for HR professionals and internal recruiters but the flip side is that job hoppers can bring a diverse set of skills and experience and if you have found yourself switching roles every couple of years, you’ve probably gleaned more insight into different ways of working than a professional peer that has stayed put in the same position.

For starters, focus on your skill set and highlight what you learned at each job.

Did you get the opportunity to hone your soft skills? Or perhaps you joined a startup and were an integral team member during a high-growth phase that required you to show leadership.

Weaving the positives you took from every position into your resume will allow hiring managers to see that your tendency to switch jobs isn’t a reflection of a poor work ethic or inability to focus on long-term goals.

Most importantly, don’t be tempted to leave an unexplained gap on your resume if you only worked in a job for a couple of months before jumping ship. Leaving a job without having another one lined up isn’t a red flag but 49% of HR professionals and employers say that job seekers who have taken a break in their careers should be ‘prepared to explain’ why.

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