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Your Political Place

Write short essays and predicts their political orientation based on the content.

Added on 22-09-2023

Your Political Place offers users a unique platform for self-expression through short essay writing while also providing an AI-driven prediction of their political orientation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Short Essay Writing: Users can engage in the process of writing and expressing their thoughts through short essays.
  2. AI-Predicted Political Orientation: The tool uses AI algorithms to analyze the content and estimate the user's political perspective based on their writing.
  3. Insightful Reflection: Offers users insights into potential indicators of their political affiliation, serving as a starting point for self-reflection.
  4. Browser Compatibility: Requires JavaScript to be enabled in the browser to use the tool.

User Benefits:

  • Self-Expression: Allows users to express their thoughts and ideas through short essay writing.
  • Political Insight: Offers an estimated political orientation, providing users with a perspective on their political leanings.
  • Reflection: Encourages individuals to reflect on their beliefs and perspectives based on the AI's analysis.
  • Accessibility: Available to users with enabled JavaScript in their browsers.


Your Political Place is an AI-driven tool that combines short essay writing with the prediction of a user's political orientation. While not providing a definitive assessment, it offers estimated political positions based on AI analysis, encouraging self-reflection and self-expression through writing.

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