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Assist users in learning German through flashcards and spaced repetition.

Added on 12-09-2023
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Vokabeln: Learn German is a sophisticated AI-powered tool crafted to facilitate German language learning with a focus on vocabulary acquisition. Unlike many language learning apps, Vokabeln offers a more mature learning experience, steering clear of gamification and childish exercises.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. Flashcards and Spaced Repetition: Vokabeln employs flashcards and a spaced repetition algorithm to reinforce vocabulary comprehension.
  2. Practice Mode: Users can actively engage with the language by filling in missing words in sentences via swiping, promoting contextual understanding.
  3. Sentence Structure Exploration: Learners can explore word usage in various sentence structures, enhancing practical language skills.
  4. AI-Generated Explanations: The tool provides AI-generated explanations for word meanings and origins, fostering deeper understanding.
  5. Text Import and Word Identification: Users can import texts, and Vokabeln automatically identifies unfamiliar words, including conjugations and separable verbs.
  6. Progress Tracking: Vokabeln keeps track of mastered words, provides collections for focused learning, and offers word frequency insights.
  7. Planned Enhancements: Future features include text-to-speech for pronunciation practice, customizable spaced repetition settings, German-to-English practice variations, and more control over word collections.
  8. Integration with Resources: Vokabeln aims to integrate with additional language resources such as royalty-free books, subtitles, ebooks, and song lyrics.
  9. Platform Expansion: Planned developments include a web version and the potential addition of more languages.

User Benefits:

  • Mature Learning Experience: Vokabeln offers a mature approach to language learning without gamification.
  • Contextual Learning: Practice mode and sentence exploration enhance practical language skills.
  • Effective Vocabulary Acquisition: Spaced repetition and AI-generated explanations facilitate vocabulary retention.
  • Flexibility: Users can import texts of their choice for personalized learning experiences.
  • Planned Enhancements: Ongoing development promises additional features and language resources.
  • Platform Accessibility: Vokabeln is available on multiple platforms with a free trial period and flexible subscription options.


Vokabeln: Learn German is an AI-powered vocabulary learning tool that caters to learners seeking a mature and effective language learning experience. By focusing on vocabulary acquisition through flashcards, spaced repetition, practice mode, and AI-generated explanations, Vokabeln equips users with practical language skills. With planned enhancements, resource integrations, and platform expansions on the horizon, Vokabeln offers a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to master the German language at their own pace.

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