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Simplifies and improves the grading process for educators.

Added on 30-09-2023

Vexis is an advanced AI-powered grading system designed to streamline and enhance the grading process for educators. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, teachers can effortlessly upload student sheets, define grading criteria, and efficiently share or download results.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Personalized Feedback: Provides tailored insights to support each student's learning journey.
  • Objective Assessment: Eliminates human bias to deliver fair and unbiased grading.
  • Detailed Reports: Offers in-depth analysis of each answer, providing a transparent grading breakdown.
  • OCR Technology: Utilizes state-of-the-art OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities to convert scanned answer sheets into digital data.
  • Contextual Understanding: Evaluates free-form writing by understanding context, not just relying on keyword matching.
  • Class Organization: Allows teachers to set up classes as individual projects, each with unique functionalities.
  • Vex Reports: Provides personalized improvement strategies for students, pinpointing areas for growth and offering actionable insights.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Significantly reduces grading time, allowing educators to allocate more time to lesson planning and curriculum development.
  • Personalized Learning: Tailors feedback to individual students, enhancing their learning experiences.
  • Unbiased Grading: Ensures fair and objective assessments by eliminating human bias.
  • Insightful Reports: Offers detailed analysis for transparent and data-driven grading.
  • Organized Teaching: Helps teachers keep grading and teaching organized through class-specific functionalities.
  • Student Empowerment: Equips students with actionable insights to support their growth and excellence.


Vexis is a powerful AI grading tool that revolutionizes the grading process for educators. It empowers teachers to provide personalized feedback, eliminates bias, and converts scanned answer sheets into digital data. Vexis is designed for efficiency, organization, and enhanced learning experiences. By using Vexis, educators can optimize their grading processes, freeing up valuable time for impactful teaching and student growth.

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