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Extract customer sentiment signals so you can predict and prevent escalations, reduce churn, and protect and grow revenue.

Added on 24-09-2023
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SupportLogic is an all-in-one Support Experience management platform that extracts customer sentiment signals to predict and prevent escalations, reduce churn, and protect and grow revenue.

Key Features

1. Support Operations:

  • Escalation Management: Predict and prevent escalations to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Go beyond customer surveys and unlock the voice of the customer.
  • Backlog Management: Improve support response and reduce time to resolution.
  • Intelligent Case Routing: Assign the right resource to every customer issue and improve CSAT.
  • Proactive Alerts: Solve issues faster by alerting stakeholders across your business.
  • Account Health Management: Analyze support outcomes and monitor at-risk accounts.
  • Swarming & Collaboration: Loop expert into customer issue using your preferred messaging app.
  • Customer Support Analytics: Drill into customer sentiment and product friction using custom reporting.
  • SLA/SLO Management: Connect to easy-to-use reporting and streamline support operations.
  • Text Analytics: Identify trends across conversations to find and fix service issues.

2. Quality Monitoring and Coaching:

  • Automatic Quality Monitoring: Monitor 100% of support channels with zero additional QA resources.
  • Predictive CSAT and CES Scores: Act on leading indicators to improve quality metrics.
  • Agent Coaching: Perform consistent and objective coaching in real time.
  • Scorecard Builder: Create custom rubrics and evaluate performances based on your criteria.
  • QA Reporting: Leverage powerful reporting to better manage support quality.
  • Voice Analytics: Detect call quality and coach on 100% of support conversations.

3. Agent Productivity:

  • Case Summarization: Get context and troubleshoot quickly using Generative AI.
  • Priority Assist: Predict escalations and reduce case handling time.
  • Case Response Assist: Engage with confidence using Generative AI-fueled responses.
  • Translation Assist: Empower agents to resolve cases in any language using Generative AI.
  • Screen Recording: Give customers personal support they can reference.

4. Predictive and Generative AI for Customer Support: This feature helps predict and prevent customer escalations and observe and act on the voice of the customer in real time.

Use Cases

  • Detect hidden insights about customer satisfaction, issue urgency and potential revenue risks from every support interaction.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of every customer relationship and take decisive action in real time.
  • Engage every agent to foster more effective support while delivering soft skills and other coaching moments.
  • Get ahead of potential churn events with an early warning system that empowers both support and customer success teams to protect and grow revenue.

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