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Fraud Prevention & Chargeback Fraud Protection

Added on 25-09-2023
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Riskified is a global eCommerce fraud management platform that partners with brands to prevent fraud, boost sales, and reduce costs. Their platform provides revenue-critical decisions that power products to enhance your performance.

Key Features

  • Chargeback Guarantee: Prevents fraud and increases revenue by approving more legitimate transactions while taking on fraud liability to reduce costs.
  • Dispute Resolve: Streamlines chargeback management operations with one centralized platform. It uses automation to never miss a chargeback deadline.
  • Account Secure: Prevents bad actors from compromising shoppers’ store accounts and manages customer interactions related to suspicious account activity.
  • Policy Protect: Identifies shoppers who are taking advantage of store policies abusively. It helps stop abusers from eating into profit while continuing to reward loyal customers with friendly policies.
  • PSD2 Optimize: Boosts revenue by minimizing SCA friction, while safeguarding your risk profile with card-issuing banks.


  • Maximize Online Revenue: Enjoy higher approval rates at a lower cost with full chargeback protection.
  • Expand Your Business: The platform eliminates risk as you enter markets, and roll out new products and flows.
  • Provide Better Experiences: Frictionless analysis allows you to exceed customer expectations, boosting their loyalty.

Use Cases

Riskified has helped clients achieve:

  • Double-digit online revenue growth
  • 100% automated decisions
  • 100% elimination of manual review and 3DS
  • 50% reduction in fraud-related costs

Additional Resources

Riskified also provides an array of resources including a resource center, blog, Risk Academy, and eConfidence. They also offer documentation and support to their clients.

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