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Help customers make faster, more accurate lending decisions and transform documents into digital data and analytics.

Added on 24-09-2023
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Ocrolus is an AI-driven fintech document automation software designed to aid customers in making faster and more accurate lending decisions by transforming documents into digital data and analytics.

Key Features

  • AI-driven document processing automation with Human-in-the-Loop: This feature allows for precise sorting of financial documents using machine learning, extraction and structuring of data using computer vision and human validation, detection and validation of suspicious activities, and gaining of deep insights into cash flow and income with clean, normalized data.
  • Capabilities: The software is capable of classifying, capturing, detecting, and analyzing documents. It can be used for cash flow, income, address, employment, and identity use cases.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Ocrolus provides solutions tailored for different industries including small business lending, mortgage, and consumer industries.
  • Modern back-office infrastructure: This feature allows for quick data retrieval from any file format or image quality, smarter decision-making with trusted data, acceleration of processes by eliminating manual review, scaling on-demand, and bolstering compliance with bank-level security and a robust audit trail.

Use Cases

Ocrolus can be used to evaluate financial health using bank data and cash flow analytics, calculate income for consumers with diverse employment profiles, extract and validate address information from any document, retrieve employment data from disparate sources, and establish and confirm identity using multiple document types.


The company provides a range of resources including guides, a blog, customer stories, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, FAQs, and upcoming events. They also offer a developer program and documentation for developers.

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