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Added on 01-09-2023

Step into a world of personalized language learning with Langley AI, an advanced tool crafted by Franklin da Vinci to revolutionize the way you master new languages. With a plethora of language choices at your fingertips, Langley AI offers tailored learning experiences that adapt to your preferences and goals.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Diverse Language Selection: Choose from an array of languages, including Arabic, Spanish (Spain), Italian, English (US and UK), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), French, German, Polish, Spanish (Mexico), Japanese, Hindi, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Romanian, Swedish, and Turkish.
  2. Subscription Options: Explore different subscription plans to match your learning pace and needs, including an early access plan, a basic plan, and a polyglot plan.
  3. Early Access Plan: Enjoy unlimited access to all languages at a discounted rate, perfect for those eager to dive into multiple languages.
  4. Basic Plan: Converse with your AI language learning partner in your native language and one target language, tailored for focused learning.
  5. Polyglot Plan: Gain unrestricted access to all AI language learning partners, and stay updated as new languages are introduced.
  6. Dynamic Learning Environment: Benefit from AI-driven personalized lessons and interactive exercises that adapt to your skill level and progress.
  7. 7-Day Free Trial: Experience Langley AI's transformative approach to language learning with a risk-free trial before subscribing.

User Benefits:

  • Customized Learning: Enjoy a language learning journey tailored to your goals, interests, and proficiency level.
  • Wide Language Range: Choose from a diverse selection of languages, enabling you to explore the cultures and languages that captivate you.
  • Flexible Subscriptions: Select the subscription plan that suits your learning style and preferences, whether you're a focused learner or a polyglot enthusiast.
  • Interactive Experience: Engage with AI-driven lessons and exercises that adapt in real-time, ensuring an engaging and efficient learning process.
  • Early Access Perks: Get a head start on mastering multiple languages with the early access plan's exclusive benefits.


Langley AI is your passport to mastering languages effortlessly and efficiently. With its AI-powered personalization, diverse language options, and flexible subscription plans, Langley AI empowers language enthusiasts and learners of all levels to embrace new languages with confidence. Whether you're a dedicated learner or a curious explorer, Langley AI is here to make your language learning journey an enjoyable and enriching experience.

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