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Create, train, and share custom AI voice models, fostering collaboration with artists and providing users access to their favorite artists' voices for music projects.

Added on 04-08-2023
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Kits AI is an innovative AI voice platform tailored specifically for musicians, offering a plethora of creative possibilities for transforming their vocal expression. With Kits AI, users gain access to a rich library of AI voices, featuring officially licensed artist voices as well as royalty-free options. This extensive selection provides musicians with a wide range of expressive vocal styles to elevate their creative output.

Key Features:

  1. AI Voice Library: Access a diverse collection of AI voices, including licensed artist voices and royalty-free options.
  2. Custom AI Voice Models: Create, train, and share personalized AI voice models using user-uploaded vocals.
  3. Artist Collaboration: Collaborate with artists and officially release their voice models for use in music projects.
  4. .pth File Support: Utilize existing .pth files for high-quality inference and model sharing.

Use Cases:

  • Vocal enhancement: Transform and enhance vocal performances using a variety of AI voices.
  • Collaborative music projects: Share custom AI voice models with fellow musicians for collaborative music creation.
  • Artist-inspired compositions: Incorporate voice models from favorite artists to infuse unique vocal styles into compositions.

Kits AI revolutionizes the music industry with its AI-driven voice platform, empowering musicians to explore new dimensions of vocal expression. Whether utilizing licensed artist voices or creating personalized AI voice models, Kits AI provides a groundbreaking tool for artists to enhance their musical journey and inspire extraordinary compositions.

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