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Added on 16-11-2023
Freemium is a full-fledged customer support knowledge base solution powered by AI to help customers get instant answers. It is trusted by more than 500 companies and is known for its ease of use and efficient features.


  • AI Search and AI Chatbot: offers an AI search and chatbot that enables customers to resolve issues instantly, reducing resolution times and deflecting repetitive support tickets.
  • Automatic Learning: The AI requires no initial setup time. Each time you add or modify an article, it becomes better automatically. It builds its knowledge using help center articles, custom FAQs, and external websites.
  • Multilingual Support: No matter how many and which language customers ask you questions in, you can provide them with the same level of support.
  • 24x7 Support: Provide customer support around the clock even when your support agents are asleep or on vacation.
  • Easy to use Article Editor: Enjoy a beautiful editor experience while creating your articles. Easily add tables, images, or videos & SEO data.
  • Create tickets in other Support Tools: Forward customer support tickets to your favorite tool. Simply add your support email address under Settings.

Use Cases

  • Importing Articles: You can import existing help articles from knowledge bases like Intercom, Crisp, Zendesk, and Freshdesk in one click.
  • Custom Domain: You can change to your own custom domain like
  • Improving AI Answers: AI takes its knowledge from help articles. You can change the content of the article and it will automatically improve the answers. It is also possible to improve AI answers by giving more information.
  • Using Website Content in AI: AI primarily works using help articles, but you can enter your website and the AI search and chat will start answering customer's questions based on that content also.

Security's servers and databases are hosted by AWS located in the EU region. Your data may be processed outside of the EU by Open AI chatGPT if you use their AI features.

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