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Provides concise summaries of the top Hacker News stories.

Added on 22-09-2023

HackYourNews is an AI tool dedicated to providing users with summarized versions of the most prominent stories on Hacker News. It is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring users can conveniently access summarized content on the go.

Key Features:

  1. Hacker News Summaries: HackYourNews aggregates information from various Hacker News threads and presents it in a summary format.
  2. Thread Overviews: Users can explore summaries of different Hacker News threads, gaining insights into the most discussed topics.
  3. Content Accessibility: The tool ensures easy access to concise overviews, making it convenient for users to stay updated with Hacker News stories.
  4. Mobile Optimization: HackYourNews is designed with mobile devices in mind, providing a user-friendly experience for mobile users.

Sample Summaries:

  • Touch Pianist Discussion: Learn about Touch Pianist, a website enabling users to play piano pieces using their computer keyboard. Gain insights from user experiences and opinions.
  • NYPD's Surveillance Spending: Discover details about the NYPD's spending on surveillance firms engaged in questionable practices, raising ethical and legal concerns.
  • Ancient Chinese Water Pipes: Explore a study by University College London revealing ancient ceramic water pipes in China and challenging conventional ideas about engineering and social hierarchy.
  • Query Engines Explained: Delve into the world of query engines with a discussion on "How Query Engines Work" and related topics.
  • Robin Sloan's New Novel: Get a glimpse of Robin Sloan's excitement about his new novel and reflections on creativity and goodness.


HackYourNews is an AI tool that simplifies the process of staying updated with the top Hacker News stories. It offers concise summaries, ensuring users can quickly grasp the essence of each story, and is optimized for mobile devices for convenient access to summarized content.

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