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Open Finance Platform tapping into the Account Aggregation Framework

Added on 26-09-2023
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Fego.ai is an open finance platform that offers an expansive suite of embeddable personal finance management experiences for apps. The platform has recently become part of the Perfios Software Solutions family.

Key Features

  • Fego XP: Provides personal finance journeys in your app. It allows user engagement and retention while covering engineering and compliance overheads.
  • FegoIntel: Offers targeted financial intelligence products. It verifies financial accounts and their ownership, detects income, and provides financial behavior insights.
  • FegoConnect: Onboards users onto the Account Aggregation (AA) framework and accesses real-time financial data that is cleansed and categorised.
  • TrACE (Transaction Categorisation & Enrichment Engine): Uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing algorithms to categorise and enrich messy transaction strings into categories, sub-categories, merchants, channels, and more.

Use Cases

  • Banking & Financial Institutions: Fego.ai allows these institutions to innovate faster, deliver personalised financial experiences, and deepen customer engagement with enriched transaction data.
  • Fintech Companies: Fego.ai enables these companies to widen their offerings and go-to-market faster with nimble products and seamless financial insights.
  • Consumer-tech Companies: Fego.ai allows these companies to introduce finance to their users and be at the cutting edge of finnovation by building on top of Fego.

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