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Enhances your writing experience by providing easy access to saving, editing, and copying content for later use.

Added on 05-09-2023

Meet EdgeWriter, the ultimate writing companion powered by advanced GPT technology. With its user-friendly browser integration, it simplifies and elevates your writing experience, offering a range of features that save you time and boost your productivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Content Control: EdgeWriter allows you to save, edit, and copy AI-generated content while retaining control and intention in your writing.
  2. Customizable Outputs: Tailor the tone and type filters to generate unique content that precisely meets your needs.
  3. Prompt Filtering: Quickly filter prompts to efficiently generate content on specific topics.
  4. Free and Paid Versions: Enjoy a free version with five AI creations or upgrade to the power user subscription for unlimited content creation and additional features.
  5. Cloud-Based Solution: EdgeWriter acts as a smart back-end solution, managing and storing your AI-generated content for easy access and sharing.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Writing: EdgeWriter enhances your writing experience with AI-powered assistance.
  • Content Flexibility: Customize content outputs to match your unique requirements.
  • Efficient Topic Generation: Quickly filter prompts for focused content creation.
  • Affordable Pricing: EdgeWriter offers both free and paid options with transparent, contract-free pricing.
  • Content Management: Access and share your AI-generated content conveniently via the cloud.


EdgeWriter is your writing superpower, driven by advanced AI technology. It simplifies the writing process, offering content control, customization, and efficient topic generation. Choose between a free version and a power user subscription, and enjoy a cloud-based solution that stores and manages your content. Elevate your writing experience with EdgeWriter, accessible directly from your browser.

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