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Deep Realms

Explore text-based worlds generated by AI

Added on 08-10-2023
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Deep Realms invites you to embark on thrilling adventures and explore immersive worlds like never before, all powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Our mission is simple: to ensure that the length of the story doesn't matter. The AI seamlessly integrates all essential information, crafting a logically coherent narrative as you engage with characters, creatures, and environments.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Immersive Adventures: Dive into the world of your favorite novels, modify character decisions mid-story, or craft entirely new worlds with your words.
  • Getting Started: The app's user-friendly interface offers three main sections: "Play," "Stories," and "World."
  • Worlds Page: Create worlds by uploading story text. The AI processes and prepares the text to generate coherent continuations.
  • Stories Page: Create multiple adventures within the same world without affecting each other. Select a world, give your story a name, and embark on unique journeys.

Play Page: Select a story, and you can:

  1. Press "Send" to generate text instantly.
  2. Modify the story by typing into the text area and then press "Send."
  3. Write character actions in the action input area and then press "Send."
  • AI Continuations: The AI takes seconds to generate logical story continuations, ensuring your adventures flow seamlessly.
  • Undo Option: If needed, utilize the redo button to revert the last generated continuation.

What Can You Do with Deep Realms?

Have you ever dreamed of altering the course of your favorite story? Wanted to explore your own crafted worlds? Now you can! Deep Realms offers you the power to shape narratives, go on adventures, and explore uncharted territories.


Deep Realms redefines storytelling by blending your input with advanced AI capabilities. Whether you're modifying beloved tales, creating new worlds, or embarking on thrilling adventures, Deep Realms empowers you to craft unique narratives. Start your journey today and experience storytelling like never before!

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