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Contify News API

Clean and granular, business-specific updates delivered through REST API and Webhooks

Added on 06-09-2023
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Get the latest noise-free company updates with Contify News API. It aggregates, deduplicates, and tags company information from diverse sources into a structured, machine-readable feed of business and industry news. This valuable data is delivered through RESTful APIs, Webhooks, and RSS feeds.

Key Features:

  • Exhaustive Coverage: Unlike keyword-based feeds that drown you in irrelevant data, Contify News API focuses on what truly matters—business and industry-relevant news.
  • Robust Sourcing Engine: It scours over 500,000 sources, including online news, company websites, premium publications, social media, and more. The result? A comprehensive, well-rounded information stream.
  • Custom Sourcing: Contify goes the extra mile. Alongside its vast sources, you can integrate your preferred ones. This ensures you fetch information that matters most to your users.
  • Multi-Language Support: Contify taps into local publications across hundreds of languages. This provides a holistic view of your region's business landscape.
  • AI-Powered Intelligence: Backed by AI and human curation, Contify delivers de-duplicated, enriched, and actionable data. Its noise-filtering algorithms ensure a steady stream of structured intelligence.
  • Customized Taxonomy: Work closely with Contify to structure data and endpoints that align with your business goals.

Ready to Consume:

  • RESTful APIs: High-performance RESTful APIs deliver structured intelligence in JSON format, offering full customization.
  • Webhooks: Leverage Webhooks for real-time updates, saving computing resources and keeping your teams in the loop.
  • RSS Feeds: Contify's News API is also available as structured, machine-readable RSS feeds.

Empower Your Teams:

  • Market and Competitive Intelligence: Integrate Contify's News API with your intranet portals, ERP, CRM, and KMS to fuel your intelligence programs.
  • New Features: Enhance your customer-facing applications with personalized market intelligence features, offering additional value to your users.
  • Analytics: Utilize raw data from Contify's News API for your analytics programs, extracting industry insights and trends relevant to your business.
  • Machine Learning: Train your AI, NLP, and machine learning models using Contify's high-quality datasets to bolster your application's capabilities.

Support Every Step:

  • 24/7 Support: Your subscription includes round-the-clock support, onboarding, and extensive training programs.
  • Customizability: Data, including sources, languages, topics, taxonomies, and endpoints, can be configured extensively to match your goals.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Benefit from a dedicated account manager committed to ensuring your success.


Contify News API empowers your organization with focused, accurate, and timely news intelligence. With extensive sources, AI-driven insights, and customization options, it's your go-to solution for staying ahead in the world of business and industry. Plus, enjoy top-notch support every step of the way.

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