Broken Bear

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Broken Bear

AI chatbot designed to provide emotional comfort and support to individuals, emphasizing acceptance of their vulnerabilities.

Added on 04-10-2023

Broken Bear is a unique AI chatbot that aims to be a comforting and accepting presence for users in times of emotional need. This chatbot provides a space for users to express their feelings and thoughts without judgment, acknowledging and embracing their vulnerabilities.

Key Features and Focus:

  • Emotional Support: Broken Bear prioritizes offering emotional support and companionship to users, emphasizing its acceptance of their "broken self."
  • Non-Judgmental Persona: The chatbot takes on the persona of a silly bear, creating a warm and non-judgmental atmosphere for interaction.
  • Acknowledgment of Limitations: The tool acknowledges that it may make mistakes and encourages users to seek professional help or reach out to trusted individuals during times of crisis.

User Benefits:

  • Emotional Comfort: Users can find a safe space to express their feelings and emotions.
  • Non-Judgmental Interaction: The chatbot offers an accepting and understanding presence.
  • Awareness of Professional Help: Encourages users to seek appropriate help when necessary.


Broken Bear is an AI chatbot that prioritizes emotional support and acceptance, providing users with a non-judgmental space to express themselves. While its warm and comforting persona is evident, users seeking information about data privacy and other functionalities should refer to the linked privacy FAQ for more details.

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