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Brave Leo

Operates in the Brave Sidebar, enabling users to interact with web pages without leaving the page.

Added on 25-08-2023

Brave Leo AI Assistant is a revolutionary addition to the Brave browser, designed to provide users with a seamless AI-powered browsing experience. As an AI assistant, Leo is embedded directly into the browser, making it accessible to users in the Nightly desktop channel.

Key Features:

  • In-Browser AI: Leo is accessible through the Brave Sidebar, allowing users to interact with web content without navigating away from the page they're viewing.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Leo can offer a range of features such as video transcripts, interactive article summaries, and assistance with reading comprehension, all within the browsing environment.
  • Question Answering: Leo operates as a chatbot and is capable of answering user questions and suggesting relevant follow-up questions, enhancing user engagement and interaction.
  • Privacy-Focused: Leo employs the Llama 2 language model developed by Meta and ensures user privacy by submitting inputs anonymously through a reverse-proxy. This approach maintains privacy while delivering a personalized AI experience.
  • Feedback Loop: Users are encouraged to provide feedback on Leo's performance, helping to improve the AI assistant and tailor it to user needs.

User Benefits:

  • Enhanced Browsing: Brave Leo offers users the convenience of interacting with AI-powered features directly within their browsing experience.
  • Privacy Priority: Leo's approach to privacy safeguards user data and inputs, ensuring a secure and private AI interaction.
  • Usability: The integration of Leo into the Brave Sidebar streamlines tasks such as reading comprehension and question answering, enhancing the browsing experience.


Brave Leo AI Assistant brings the power of AI directly to the Brave browser, enhancing browsing capabilities and providing users with a private and personalized experience. With its array of features accessible through the Brave Sidebar, Leo revolutionizes how users interact with web content, making tasks like video transcript retrieval, article summarization, and question answering more convenient and efficient. By prioritizing user privacy and encouraging feedback, Brave Leo offers a forward-looking AI browsing solution.

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