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Enhanced user interface for ChatGPT, offering advanced features for improved AI interactions.

Added on 29-09-2023

Botrush is a user-friendly interface designed to optimize interactions with ChatGPT. It enriches the ChatGPT experience by providing advanced features that enhance usability, organization, and functionality.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • Prompt Library: Access a library of categorized prompts and save your personalized prompts for easy reference.
  • Chat History Search: Efficiently search through previous conversations to find specific information or discussions.
  • Conversation Organization: Create chat folders to organize and categorize your chat history for better management.
  • Download and Share: Download conversations in various formats or share them with others using shareable links.
  • Audio Input/Output: Enable speech recognition for input and text-to-speech capabilities for output, allowing for hands-free conversations with the AI.

How Botrush Enhances ChatGPT:

Compared to the standard ChatGPT interface, Botrush offers a more intuitive and feature-rich experience:

  • Prompt Variety: Access a wide range of ready-to-use prompts and save your custom prompts for quick access.
  • Efficient Navigation: Easily find and review past conversations with the chat history search and folder organization.
  • Versatile Sharing: Download conversations or share them using links, enhancing collaboration.
  • Audio Interaction: Enable voice input and output for a more dynamic interaction with the chatbot.


Botrush is a feature-rich interface for ChatGPT, offering a prompt library, chat history search, conversation organization, audio capabilities, and more. It enhances user control, privacy, and flexibility, allowing for a seamless and efficient ChatGPT experience with added functionality and organization.

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