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Map your career path and unlock your potential with the guidance of 40h.

Added on 11-10-2023

40h is your ultimate tool for landing your dream job. It combines the power of AI analysis, personalized interview simulations, and career path mapping to boost your confidence and help you succeed in your job applications.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • AI Resume Analysis: 40h's AI technology carefully analyzes your resume and skills to provide insights into your qualifications.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and potential red flags that might affect your job application.
  • Personalized Scoring: Receive a personalized score out of 100, giving you a clear understanding of where you stand and areas for improvement.
  • Suggested Improvements: 40h doesn't just point out weaknesses; it also suggests improvements to help you enhance your resume and skills.
  • Tailored Interview Questions: Based on the job you're applying for, 40h provides you with tailored interview questions designed to prepare you for real interviews.
  • Instant Feedback: Answer these interview questions, and 40h provides instant feedback, helping you refine your responses and boost your confidence.
  • Career Path Mapping: Map your career path and explore your potential with 40h's guidance.

User Benefits:

  • Confidence Building: With personalized scoring and feedback, 40h boosts your confidence for interviews and job applications.
  • Skills Enhancement: Use the suggested improvements to enhance your resume and skillset.
  • Tailored Preparation: Prepare for interviews with tailored questions specific to your job application.
  • Career Guidance: Map your career path and gain insights into your potential.
  • Job Match: Calculate how well your qualifications match the job you're applying for.


40h is your personal job application assistant, powered by AI. It analyzes your resume, identifies strengths and weaknesses, provides a personalized score, suggests improvements, offers tailored interview questions, and gives instant feedback. With 40h, you can confidently navigate the job application process, discover your potential, and land your dream job.

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